Ontario Advantage


Building Strong Fundamental Value through Exploration

Low Capex Strategy

Big Gold’s technical team are BG shareholders. Their technical partnership with Big Gold provides full suite of expert teams that have a history of working in the area and specialize on Ontario. The suite includes:

  • Prospectors
  • Field Geologists and a QP
  • Geophysics/Geoscientists
  • Drilling team / Drilling Equipment

Big Gold’s low capex strategy is a major advantage as there is a shortage of experienced personnel and equipment.

Favourable Tax Environment 

Ontario provides a unique tax opportunity for exploration expenses. In addition, the property is located 80 km from Kenora, an established mining services community.

Capital Preservation & Organic Growth

With the added pressure of a volatile capital market, investors who share our vision for gold exploration are struggling to find good teams with local properties that limit downside travel risk for management while still providing excellent exposure to the Ontario gold sector. Big Gold’s conservative capital strategy allows it to continue exploration with a focus on discovering and defining gold mineralization.